Sunday, 24 August 2014


Here are some more bath tub self portraits. Fake flowers are my favourite thing and I look forward to leaving home and having a flat of my own completely full of plants with lots of space for my fur family (which currently includes a rabbit, hamster and ten gerbils.)
I almost always look hecka sad in pictures because I am incapable of smiling- blame it on my hamster cheeks and very crooked teeth.
Army surplus jacket, vintage skirt and top and Underground creepers (not really visible.)

Thursday, 21 August 2014


 Today was GCSE results day which I am so glad to get over with. Despite being so ill I was barely in school for most of year 11 and not even knowing if I'd be able to sit the exams at all, I managed to pass all of them and get a solid number of As.
 Afterwards Vikki and I weren't sure what to do, so we took Bella the puppy who I am looking after for a neighbour to the park and I photographed the two of them being very adorable and basically frolicking around.
 Vikki is wearing all my clothes,  a Katherine Hammnet denim jacket with patches gifted to me by Poison Apple Printshop, a 16 badge from my birthday last year, Topman skeleton print shirt, American Apparel tennis skirt, Primark comic tights, shoes which I was sent by H&M and a tiara from a care package.
 |I can't deicide which of them is cuter. 
 Bella is so lovely and reminds me how much I want a dog.
 Making a cameo appearance. I am wearing a shirt sent to me by Veronica Fever, American Apparel tennis skirt, H&M tights, vintage belt and Rebok trainers with Doc Marten laces in them.
Thank you Vikki for tolerating being followed around with a camera once again and thank you to all the brand who have sent me some of the items included.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


 H&M were lovely and sent me some samples from their current Divided range, including these lovely platform shoes and some shirts which work as dresses on me necause I'm hella short.
 Bath photos are my thing now because I had a feeling you were all getting bored of me using the graveyard and my garden as backdrops. I'm struggling to find any friends willing to model for me lately so you're also stuck with my face and inability to pose.
 These shoes are so wonderful and turn me into a gushing fangirl. I've been wearing them incessantly for the last few weeks and despite my inability to walk in normal heels I find them so comfortable and barely notice the different from my usual Doc Martens and are ideal for any fellow pixies without the co-ordination to wear normal heels. The double strap means they don't pull at the ankle (common problem with platform shoes) and the soles are glittery which makes them cuter and not too edgy. I really wish I'd had them for prom as they'd be perfect with a long dress and I intend to wear them a lot to college. H&M shoes haven't really been on my radar until this season- the current designs are all wonderful and I have my eye on a few other pairs.
 My face is uncomfortable visible in these for which I apologise.
 Also my American Apparel tennis skirts arrived yesterday in lilac and white. I now own four, these two, a tartan one and a black one. They're becoming very generic but they're just the most versatile and lovely garments. Top is homemade, large necklace is from a market in Tel Aviv, citrine crystal from Wild Ones in London and H&M tights.
I am 17 in just over a month and I still look about 12 which is not cool. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014


 Prom was almost two months ago and I've only just got round to photographing my dress. Yep. 
 My dress was a 1970s dance costume and quite possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It's all hand stitched and has so many exquisite details. I brought it from Clobber a year and a half ago, having fallen in love with it immediately.
 Movies like The Virgin Suicides made me think a lot about prom throughout school and this dress just pulled together all my dreams for it. Wearing it was like a dream.
 In general the actual night was very anticlimactic, seeing everyone looking so amazing was fun and then after an hour of frantic complimenting and pictures it got too stuffy and I just sat around eating pizza and trying not to smudge my make up. Still, I'm glad I went.
 The way in which hair colours fade is so beautiful, this colour seems to be getting more blue every time I wash it.
 Taking pictures in the garden in vintage prom dresses and with fake flowers seems to be my signature, so for once I changed the location. This bathroom is untouched from the 60s and it's one of the few original features left in my house.
 Showing the details on the front a little more. They're mainly glued on so a few fall off every time I move too much in it which just adds to the charm.
 I wore it with Doc Martens because I cannot handle heels and they offset the prettiness nicely. My festival wristbands are still visible here too.
A few teachers made sarcastic/mildly rude comments on it which I guess is expected and was a further reminder of how good it is to be away from school at last. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014


Designer's Guild wallpaper, thrifted choker, Dean Whinchester amulet from eBay, crystal from Wild Ones in London, Primark tights, vintage skirt and home made top.
An old self portrait from a few months ago which is a bit too cluttered but I like the light so it deserves posting. I'm trying to post as frequently as possible which hasn't worked well lately, however I quite like doing little posts and some pictures work best as a stand alone. Summer is starting to become very claustrophobic, it's been two months now and unbelievably I'm actually getting sick of it and am impatient for college to begin. Results are on Wednesday (sorry if I just reminded anyone) which is horribly stressful so good luck to everyone who is also waiting for theres'. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

sometimes when i look up i see stars that cut through the sky and fade quickly into nothingness

 Today I finally left my bedroom and went out to the New Forest for a walk with my pal Katie which was lovely as six months has elapses since our last walk and it was interesting to reflect on our own growth and decay and that of the forest around us. For me, my year has always begun in early August rather than September and this is the time I like to make resolutions and reflect on life.
I still have a month or so of summer to go which is a glorious prospect even if the realisation of how rapidly time has passed is a little confusing. Plus it means only two months until I turn 17. It's so insane to think I was just 13 when I initially started my first blog. My own maturity startles me and I feel a melancholy sense of protectiveness for the person I used to be. Scraping school off my skin and leaving its myriad toxic influences is an indescribable relief. Also being able to sit safely on a road is a novelty when you live in a city.
 ~tree appreciation~
 (Rebok shoes with Doc Marten laces, New Look tights, Topshop skirt, vintage belt and bralet, H&M mesh shirt and tote bag from a Vampire Weekend concert, hair dye by La Riche.)
 Seeing the wild ponies is always intriguing. They are habituated enough to people and some allow petting, but still unpredictable and it's so rare to see animals like that. My gerbils recently had four beautiful babies and the majority of my time is now devoted to watching them grow each day and explore their environment. It's sad that I won't be able to keep the males though as they make a very happy family.
 I've started wearing trainers for which I have no explanation. It was initially due to a knee injury and now I've been sucked in by the comfort and have been telling myself that it's normcore. Yup.
 Logs n stuff are rad.
 This lil babe looked so sassy and cute. Also I relate so strongly to the pony on the right. 
 With my pals, whaddup. 
 More cutie pies. 
 The heather was so cohesive with my streaky hair. Once again, I just love the forest at this time of year. 
 I am the most awkward human alive.
My gal.