Thursday, 25 September 2014


 As I still haven't taken any postable new pictures, have some outakes from past shoots. I have hundreds of these so may post some more at some point. I tend to be highly perfectionist about which images I post so like 1% end up on here.
 Now that it is officially fall I am feeling terribly nostalgic for summer, back when most of these were taken.
 Vikki wearing an army surplus jacket with thrifted scout badges and an adapted New Look flower garland.
 Vintage dress and adapted wings and garland. This was when we experiemented with slow shutter speeds on a very frosty day.
 Me looking very derpy but with fab eyeliner. Everything is vintage aside from Topshop bralet and earrings which Punky Pins sent me.
 Katie and I in the park. Everything is vintage, thrifted or H&M.
 Vikki in the graveyard wearing all vintage aside from the homemade flower garland and new look boots.
 As before, aside from the moon patch which Poison Apple Printshop sent me. I also had little paperchase birds in my hair.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Hello! I started college a few weeks ago and am finally feeling sane enough to start posting again. College is amazing, it is situated in the middle of a forest and it is completely normal to walk out the doors and find a herd of wild ponies or baby donkeys being fed by their mothers outside. My train journey is also beautiful, every morning and afternoon I pass cornfields, farms, wild rabbits and deer and all the best British countryside. My courses are all highly enjoyable. It can be quite lonely though as I left behind a very solid group of friends. Also my iPhone was stolen on the train though which has been really frustrating, especially when it seems like such a friendly place. Anyway, these are some outfit pictures I took on the last day of summer.
 This was the first and last time I wore dungarees all summer actually which is odd as I wore them constantly last year. Mesh is my new love in life.
 I am in serious need of new tights. I always buy them from obscure Chinese sites which yields interesting results although waiting 1 month+ is tiresome so for now I shall have to keep wearing pairs like this which are riddled with holes.
 These shoes are absolutely incredible, I'm a normal height in them which is nice. I seem to be having really bad luck lately though because the soles split after a couple of wears so fingers crossed I can get them repaired. I am 17 on the 30th September so if anyone feels like throwing some size 6 platform shoes my way hmu (not desperate I swear.)
My hair is just sort of doing its own thang lately, I'm growing out the colour so it can be thouroughly rebleached and hopefully I can attain a paler shade of lilac. 

Sunday, 31 August 2014


 This is going to be a very long post and I am not sorry at all. After interacting online and writing to each other for FOREVER Sinead and I finally met up in London!!
 We went to Kew Gardens in London which was the fabbest and most tumblr place imaginable and now I wanna be a tiny pixie who lives on plants.
 It was nice to be around someone who didn't get annoyed at me for following them with a camera (bloggers unite.)
 The antique green houses were stunning and one of the best parts.
 We drew up plans for a tumblr themed theme park, with free Starbucks, goals boyfriends/girlfriends to hire for a day, lots of plants, roman statues and pools, obligatory platform shoes and a clothing store full of tie dye, tattoo chokers, mood rings and polaroid cameras. If anyone wants to donate like £10 million to make that a reality hmu!!
 Pics taken by our imaginary friend. I am wearing Undeground creepers, Primark socks, AA skirt, vintae bra top, Primark shirt (dnt judge), homemade rucksack and a leather jacket H&M sent to me.
 We were dressed cohesively which was exciting and how cute is her backpack/hat/existence????
 Sinead took some film pictures which I can't wait to see.
 ~architecture porn~
 My camera is still being weird about focusing but this is too cute not to post.
 We talked a lot about kpop, the internet, college, plants and movies and as always it is amazing to meet someone with similar interests which is why I love the internet.
 Tumblr user in her natural habitat.
 It has all given me an even bigger level of appreciation for plants and how diverse and smart they are.
 Ultimate cutie.
 The hot houses were wonderful and the heat was pretty welcome as it was quite cold.
 The photobombing mom makes this tbh.
 This was one of our favourite flowers (I think it's a hibiscus????) because of the pastel barbie pink.
 Cohesive colours.
 SoOoO much green.
 Sinead's adorable Doc Martens.
 Ultimate pastel hair princess.
 Me being awkward with hair in need of re-dying.
 The waterlily house was magical and we were transfixed.
 The people in the background give some kind of sense of just how enormous the lily pads were and the temptation to jump on one was strong.
 Sinead's adorable camera.
 We also met some cute geese, ducklings and this peacock which looked a little bit out of place.
Sinead on the subway. After Kew we went to Oxford Street and tentatively explored American Apparel before getting the train home. Thank u Sinead for being so lovely and I hope we can meet soon!!